Moving On

We always knew our time would be limited here. When we took the job we said it was a 2 to 3 year plan. We have been here just under 2 years and already our time is up. We have been to beautiful beaches, hiked gorgeous trails and discovered waterfalls. We've visited other islands, made incredible friends. We really have taken full advantage of our time here and done everything we could have in our short time.
Moving to Hawaii has done something to me. I feel like I've accomplished something. Coming from small town, Oklahoma I never thought I'd have the opportunity to leave and explore. When I moved to England I was ecstatic and felt some sense of accomplishment, but it was safe. I moved with the military and they took care of me. This move to Hawaii we did on our own.
The accomplishment I feel isn't the kind that you think of when you've earned something monetary. Its more the type you feel when graduating college. When you've had a weight loss goal and stuck w…